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For those that have products they wish to develop markets for in the USA, Iraq, the Middle East, or Eastern Europe and the CIS, ABC Domestic and International can work with you in four distinct capacities. As Trade Manager, we can provide dedicated administrative services with local offices in each market with full-time market representation on your behalf. As Trade Agent, we can work at near the the same level as Trade Manager, attending trade shows and actively using our knowledge of local markets and contacts to develop markets on your behalf but without a full-time staffed office in the countries and markets being sought for development. As Broker, if you have great products and are looking for someone with dedicated buyers then we may be able to work with your company and you are encouraged to submit proposals for consideration. As Direct Buyer, we will consider products that we see as having good profit potential. As supplier, ABC Domestic and International works direct with a number of producers to deliver quality products at always competitive prices. Most times, your contract will be direct with the supplier and we will be glad to host plant tours and on-site inspections and always welcome your visit. When we broker a deal as intermediate, you can be assured that we will pay attention to every minute detail from beginning though to delivery, many times conducting dock-side and plant oversight on behalf of our customers to assure perfect execution each time every time. For foreign buyers, the USA has the worlds best research scientists and animal nutritionists. We can provide some of the finest animal feeds to be found anywhere, and always at competitive prices. Some of the feeds we supply are: Canola feed, Cereal feed, Citrus pulp, Beet pulp, Cookie meal, DDGS, Gluten pellets, Hominy, Malt Sprouts, Rolled Corn, Soy Hull, Corn Bran, Corn Germ, Yellow Corn, Soybean Meals, Sorghhum and other high-protein and specialty feeds. Edible oils: Soybean, Sunflower Seed. If you did not see the product you are looking for, ask us! We'll try our best to get it or tell you where you can.

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Company Name: ABC Domestic and International, Inc.
Business Type: Trading Company, Buying Office, Agent
Product/Service(We Sell): Edible Oils, Animal Feeds, Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal And Feed, Ddg's, Sunflower Oils Refined And Crude, Palm Oil, Soybean Oils Non-Gmo IP, Cement, Used Rails, HMS 1 and 2, Sugar, Fish Meal, Off-lease computers and peripherals
Address: 38908 Dequindre Rd.
Number of Employees: 5 - 10 People
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38908 Dequindre Rd. Sterling Heights Michigan United States