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Supply Vibration SMT Feeder , Samsung SM Stick Feeder

Samsung SM Stick Feeder 24V Power Supply High Quanlity SMT Vibration Feeder Detail Information: 1, Part Name: Samsung SM Stick Feeder 2, Usage: Feeder Tube IC 3, Voltage: 24V 4, Material: Aluminium 5, Weight: About 6KG 6, Size: 500x110x185 mm 7, Application: Samsung SM Machine ...

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Samsung Sm Smt Vibration Stick Feeder

SAMSUNG SM smt vibration/stick FEEDER Product Name: SAMSUNG SM smt vibration FEEDER Dimensions(mm):500*110*180 Product Description:Width 110MM(four tubes) SMT Vibration(STICK) FEEDER Features: Using imported aluminum materials,the amplitude of the vibration strength can be ...    [Electronic Components & Supplies]   [Electronic Accessories & Supplies]   [2014-10-22 14:40:36 ]