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Engineering construction waterproof steel edge rubber waterstop

1. The rubber water stops produced by our company are made of natural rubber , EPDM , and various synthetic rubber as the main raw materials, adding various additives and fillers, and take into shapes after mixing , kneading, pressing and vulcanizing. 2. Type: CB and CP type ...

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New Designed Steel Edge Rubber Waterstop With Different Specification

My whatsapp is 86-13833823105 Steel-edge waterstop is a modification of traditional rubber waterstop with steel plate rings being inserted into the middle of vulcanized rubber. High liquid-tightness and high absorption of shear movements make the ...

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Steel Edge Rubber Waterstop

Steel edgerubber waterstop Specification Material: rubber. Center bulb species: bridge type, mountain type, P type, U type, Z type, T type, H type, E type, Q type, etc. Waterstop species: buried rubber waterstop, back stick rubber waterstop. Steel plate: galvanized steel. ...

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