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We are a professional company that develops, produces and sells supermarket equipment. Control system of 15 years of experience in the industry -- the supermarket equipment research and development and sales of the supermarket entrance based on the supermarket anti-theft door and other commercial equipment, we established the Soviet Far International Limited in November 2009 (SUYUAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED), with our high quality products, provide a comprehensive commercial facilities service professional design and good service and leading ability the industry for you.
Thank you for more than ten years all the partners, it is because of your support and trust, is "Su far" grow again: in order to better serve the international and domestic market, we focus on June 2013 in Jiangsu city of Wuxi Province - global commercial equipment officially registered "Wuxi Su far Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd., July 2017 in Wuhan officially registered" Wuhan Su far Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. "at this point, we will provide more powerful development and production services, logistics services!! We are committed to the integration of all the "Su Yuan" quality resources, and you create a future!!
"Proactive, constantly updated" Su far team will provide you with a unique solution for more supermarket facilities!! Service hotline: 400-850-8533

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