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Shaxian Shiyi Wood.,LTD.was established via registration on March 29, 2010 and the construction was finished on Dec. 8, 2013.On Jan. 1, 2014, our company was approved as a general VAT payer.
Type of enterprise: limited liability company; company address: Houdi Industrial Park, Shaxian county; legal representative (owner of enterprise): Zhang Shaosheng; registered capital: 8 million Yuan merely; actual investment: 20 million Yuan; business scope: Chinese fir sawn timber,Pine sawn timber, Miscellaneous lumber,Blockboard,Finger jointed board, Pine wood chips,Miscellaneous wood processing and sales.Guided by the concept of "innovation, quality, service, economy, dedication and gratitude", our company has been absorbing creative ideas, exercising strict quality control, following up service in an all-round way and keeping producing high-quality products.Adhering to the principles of "pursuit, employees, technology, spirit and interest", now we have a team made up of capable managerial personnel and highly professional technical personnel.We also have comfortable and desirable working environment and brand-new, modern standard workshop.
In 2015, Shiyi exported 200 containers, and 350 containers were exported in 2016, we map out export 650 containers in 2017.All our products are mainly sold to the US, Canada and Australia.In 2015, our amount of exports totaled USD 6.2 million, and in 2016 USD 9.5 million.Because continuous to improvement of product quality, our products have enjoyed a ready abroad market and won the good graces and high reputation of a large number of foreign exporters.
Our company formulates an advanced and reasonable scientific internal management system, to the normalization of development, focus on information technology, and strive to complete the company set goals, take the quality management and risk control as the center of intensive management and management of the development of the road to achieve the company great-leap-forward development.Up to now, the production is stable and orderly, and the operation is in good condition.

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