Goldenhome International Inc

Since 1999, GoldenHome has been producing name brand cabinets for the global markets. Today, the company has become one of the world leading cabinet makers, with 1,000+ franchises or dealer stores located across China, Australia, Middle East, and the U.S. Every day, millions of families rely on GoldenHome kitchens for real living life.

GoldenHome is proud of its industry leading capacity and cost competitiveness. The company owns two manufacturing bases in China, one at its Xiamen Corporate location and the other in Jiangsu province covering a total area of 9 million sq. ft. (or 830,000 sq. m.), making it among the tier 1 kitchen cabinet manufacturers even at the global level.

GoldenHome provides kitchen and bath cabinets of both European classic and modern styles. The company works with globally recognized experts to introduce novel designs every year, e.g. its C3 series has been elected as the industry leading design and best seller for years, which is benchmarked by many of its peers.

Quality is of the essence of GoldenHome operation. The company has developed globally integrated supply chain and partnerships over the years, and carefully selects environmental friendly materials to ensure premium quality. State-of-the-art automatically controlled German HOMAG equipment is introduced for precise manufacturing.

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