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Chaoan District of Chaozhou city Rongbiao Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. located in the Chinese town of stainless steel products Cai, is the development, production and marketing in one of the large-scale economic entities, is a pioneer in the industry scale development.
Now, we have developed and produced a series of multifunctional tea cups, which won many national intellectual property rights, and won the recognition of customers. (products are provided by People's Insurance Company of China for quality insurance).
The company is specializing in the production of stainless steel products, plastic (ceramic, purple sand) products, glassware in the integrated enterprise, is now production and sales of multi brand tea cup series products, its beautiful, practical, quality and popular in the market, by consumers close to the narrow.
The company has a pioneering and innovative concept of modern enterprise, will continue to exquisite workmanship, exquisite style, excellent quality, careful service, indulge in interpretation of domestic and foreign tea cup field classic. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and negotiate cooperation company.

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