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Yantai EMER granite Co., Ltd. is the United States of America (EMERA) international companies in China owned enterprises, the company was founded in July 2000, the registered capital of $350000. The main products are pearl flower stone, the main products are mainly export-oriented, supplemented by domestic sales.
The company is located in the Pearl Flower production in Zhaoyuan city of Shandong Province, china. The town has a wealth of granite resources, according to the Shandong geological survey of the 22.8 teams, can be mined area of six square kilometers, reserves of 1300000000 cubic meters. Company covers an area of 29000 square meters, under the jurisdiction of the two mines, have large modern stone processing equipment more than 30 sets, with an annual output of pearls blocks to spend 2 million square meters, 35 million square meters of sheet metal processing, the products sell well in the three provinces in Northeast China and some are exported to Southeast Asia and the United States, highly praised customer. Company in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, with a branch, distribution of various domestic and imported high quality stone.
Main products pearl flower, can according to the customer request processing of different specifications and different plate products, engineering board (800x800, 700x700, 600x 600) stair treads and special-shaped stone products. Board blackened by fire, stone flower, litchi surface, stone chessboard, blind road and roadside stone, cylinder, sphere and other stone carving products.
The company since its inception, firmly adhere to the credibility of the first, the principle of customer first, always put the quality in the first place, increasing by the strength of technology improvement and renewal of equipment, in order to reduce product cost, improve the level of quality, and strive to produce more affordable products to meet the needs of users. We firmly believe that in the past, we give you is so that you are satisfied with products. In the future, we will be more efforts to high-quality products provide, do a good job in the domestic, to develop greater international market, do the domestic export double and. For let our products Shiquan Shimei, and your cooperation Shi Shi meaning. We are willing to seek common development with all the friends to create Albert.
Jiang Jinchun, chairman of the company invites friends from all walks of life to visit, welcome.

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