Hunan Guanglian Photoelectricity Technologies Co., Ltd.

Hunan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of fiber optic cables. In the optical fiber communication engineering, the national grid optical fiber transmission engineering and other aspects have a comprehensive and unique solutions. After years of hard work, with the company's strong technical strength, perfect sales ability, and good after-sales service, we have established a good corporate image and reputation.

  The company's core products are ADSS power cable, OPGW power cable, OPPC power cable, GYTA and GYTS overhead cable, GYTA53 buried cable,. In the development of the specialized field of optical fiber and cable communications, the company has always been based on "quality products + high-quality and high-quality services", with its comprehensive advantages in system design and project implementation, as well as its extensive user base, combined with actual conditions and corresponding standards. And according to the specific requirements of different users, provide the most practical and feasible technical solutions and system products. At the same time with the most advanced optical cable production equipment and production technology, to provide users with the best gold key project. Has completed nearly 100 items including various types of optical fiber transmission projects including the State Grid, 35KV substation, 110KV transmission and transformation project, 220KV transmission and transformation project, and 500KV power transmission and transformation project. The business involves telecommunications, mobile, and China Unicom. , Railcom, petrochemical, electricity, power transmission and transformation projects in the national grid and many other areas.

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