ERBA VITA GROUP S.p.A. Manufacturer

Every day we study, research and create products that address all the aspects of human well-being, drawing from Nature only the best raw materials, harvested exclusively in countries where they can grow in the best climate and conditions.
An internal research team selects the optimal suppliers on the market, to pick up the latest innovations and constantly improve the quality of our products. After an accurate research on raw materials, the plant extracts are standardized through a scientific process subject to strict checks. This guarantees that we are not altering the properties thereof and ensures constant effectiveness.
Always fully respectful of Nature, our source of well-being and health, we choose the most innovative technological instruments and the most accurate and less invasive methods to ensure functional solutions, tested by the most prestigious Italian Universities.
Every day, in Erba Vita laboratories, we strive for continuous growth by developing products that are innovative, effective and functional for people’s health. In the food supplement, medical devices and cosmetic products, we are looking for companies, importers and distributors, which are interested in high-end, high customer satisfaction products. We are strongly willing to cooperate to exploit economies of scale and of scope, with the final goal to strengthen the brand and increase your customers lifetime value. To create a profitable cooperation with our partners, finding the best way to support their strategy, and to protect the well-being and health of people, thinking about their future, are our ultimate goal. Welcome to a better world, a HEALTHY WORLD.

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