Canvard Sticker Printing Factory Manufacturer

Canvard Sticker Printing Factory started in 2012, has a complete and advanced machinery equipment, including a domestic advanced computer automatic printing machine equipment;There are also automatic dry compound machine, automatic high speed computer bag making machine 2, hot air bag making machine 1, computer cutting machine 1, quality inspection machine, hydraulic press machine, corner machine, and other processing equipment.Our factory has a group of management and technical personnel with more than ten years of experience in printing, and a group of professional inspection personnel. In 2017, our company successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system and QS food safety production certification, so as to ensure that the products produced have good quality and meet the requirements of customers.The main products of our factory include: aluminum foil bag, food packaging bag,self adhesive label, packaging film, foil seal and aluminum foil bag.

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