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The history of Camex group goes back to 1989 when Camex Limited was first launched in Ahmedabad, which has now diversified into various sectors. It is highly engaged in manufacturing & marketing of high quality textile Dyestuffs, Intermediates, Organic Pigments & Pigment Emulsions. It has an extensive network in India and the rest of the world with its offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Erode and manufacturing plants at Ahmedabad and Ankleshwar. Today, Camex Group enjoys a dominant position in the Indian dyestuff market and with every successful year, Camex has seen an exponential growth in its industry. The brand is mostly known for its quality and its uniqueness in dyes and intermediates. Camex Limited has been accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Guarantee System for its quality & consistency of Synthetic Organic dyes under American National Standards Institute, American Society for Quality. Camex Group is also engaged in the software industry under the group company IndiaNic Infocom, offering web application development, e-commerce solutions, Iphone application development, open source applications, business and technology consulting, custom software development and even IT infrastructure services.Import and supply of Luggage, Bags & Corporate Gift Articles is another division of Camex Group, operative under the brand name of Goblin.Camex Wellness was established when Camex Group identified the growth of the global wellness domain. Companio is a brand initiated by Camex Wellness, promoting health & wellness through its wide range of world class products and services. Companio products combine natural healing principles and latest technologies for better results and healing of human body without any side effects. Companio is headquartered in city of Ahmedabad, India and has international alliances for bringing high quality wellness products in the Indian market. Increasing pollution, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and chronic ailments have endangered the health of all living beings and are main causes of deterioration in health of people. Factually, most of the people face health problems in one or the other way. Companio is one of the best ways to ensure a good health and wellbeing for the humankind.Our vision is to create the joy of wellness through our efforts and to inspire people to enjoy a healthy and active life by which, they can contribute to the growth of a healthy society. We are honest and ethical in all we do. We will do what we say. We prize scientific integrity and professional excellence.Our vision is clear; we abide by and empathize that Companio has interdependence with people, our franchise and other clients both inside the company and all across the globe. We, for this goodwill, treat them wholeheartedly and appreciate every person for their contributions with support. We value every individual and help to promote goodness through our business models or personal health care at our centers. Companio is committed to attaining a diverse workforce at all levels of the organization for rendering better service to the community. As diligent stewards of peoples trust and health, we always have a vision to act decidedly and compassionately in the interest of wellness of humankind. Companio ensures that our research is based on ancient wisdom of healing health ailments without any possible side effects. We also take pride in our services that meet real public needs to achieve optimum levels of health and fitness. Our mission is simple; Healthy Citizens in Healthy India!

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ContactsRahul Chandraprakash Chopra
DepartmentManagement & Administration
TitleManaging Director