Anping TongGuang Wire Containers Factory

Tongguang specializes in supplying affordable wire mesh containers, wire baskets and other wire products for export. Wire containers are available from galvanized welded wire mesh panels or sheets, while we extend our market by providing containers of woven wire mesh as well.

Tongguang partners with our importers across the world and they bring our wire containers to the customers with good quality and best price.

We offer a wide range of wire mesh containers with sizes and specifications meeting the customers' requirements. Main types of the containers include open containers, half open and collapsible wire containers.

As most wire containers are treated with zinc coating in the surface, we have our own wire galvanizing line to ensure the quality of zinc coating finishes. All wire products are made for the shorted time and reduced cost.

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General Introduction of Tongguang Wire Containers:
Mainly two types: wire storage containers and wire security containers.

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