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Expanded metal sheet with various styles and different materials is widely seen in our daily life. As a professional expanded metal sheet manufacturer, we can supply you all kinds of expanded metal sheets for you. Different materials of expanded metal sheet, such as steel expanded metal sheet, aluminum expanded metal sheet and stainless steel expanded metal sheet have different characters to be used in different applications. The different fabrications of expanded metal sheet make the surface be smooth and raised to suit different applications.

Expanded metal sheet has a wide range of applications in private and public applications. With various colors, durable life and high security properties, the expanded metal sheet is more and more accepted by our customers.

Used as security fence
Expanded metal security fence with galvanized or PVC coated surface can be used in balcony, highway, railway, bridge and other sites for high security purpose.

Green expanded metal sheets are installed on the highway with square post connected.
Used as decorative mesh
Decorative expanded meal mesh with beautiful, bright surface and durable life is widely used for interior and exterior of buildings for wall, ceiling, windows and surface decorations.

Aluminum expanded metal sheets are covering the surface of building.
Used as security gratings
The raised expanded metal sheet with slightly raised surface has outstanding anti-slip performance to be used in the walkways, platforms, stairs, ramps and scaffolds gratings.

Expanded metal sheets are installed on the spiral stairs.
Used as construction material
Expanded metal brick mesh and corner bead are widely used in the construction sites to ensure the solid and reinforced bases and wall corners.

A piece of brick mesh is tiling on the bricks.
Used as protective grilles
Expanded metal sheet can be installed on the cars for protection and heat dissipation. It is also installed on the surface of loudspeakers for protection and tone quality.

Hexagonal expanded metal sheet is installed in the front of the car.
Used as office supplies
Expanded metal office supplies, including wastebasket, desk organizer, file holder, desk tray and other supplies, can make the office clean, tidy and neat.

Five different colors expanded metal wastebaskets on the white background.
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