Shenyang CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. Design, production and sales cnc wire cut edm machine

Sichuan Shenyang CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is sub company of SICHUAN Y & J Industries.Co.Ltd,chengdu,china.and we are manufacturing and specialized in the design of various intelligent WEDM machines (WIRE CUT CNC Machine).

15 years of professional production EDM machines, complete production line assembly process and design team.The technological innovation of molybdenum wire tension control and high frequency power unit has reached the following technical parameters:

① Continuous cutting 30000mm2, Ra≤1.0μm.

② Continually cutting 30 pcs same parts without operator intervention,The consistency error of all this parts are 0.005mm.

③ Multiple processing the 200mm thickness parts without wire guide,The width error of upper, middle and lower <0.02mm.

④ Wire automatically tensioning after install , when Z axis up and down wire automatically adjust, no need remove.

⑤ Maintain constant tension at 180mm2/min speed, even with high thickness and big taper cutting.

Our machine tools account for 50% of the market in the highly competitive Southwest China market. We supply die cutting machines for Honda, Ford and other customers in China. And also export to aircraft company in Egypt and OEM for Taiwan company. We are making great efforts to develop the international market and look forward to working with you.

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