Qingdao Hyzlin Biology Development Co.,Ltd Manufacturer

Contact person: Carey Hei
Telephone: 86 15953285482/86-0532-89065706
Email: alginate@hyzlin.com

Qingdao hyzlin Biology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, its predecessor is Qingdao crystal rock biological, the company is located in Qingdao. Hyzlin has over 30 years experience in producing sodium alginate and other alginate series, mainly in food grade/cosmetic grade/pharmaceutical grade. Main products are: sodium alginate/potassium alginate/calcium alginate/alginic acid/lithium alginate/ammonium alginate/magnesium alginate, and also some blended power for sausage/bakery/facial mask powder/gelling food etc.

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ContactsCarey Hei