Year Established:2016
Business Type:Manufacturer,Trading Company
Registration No:91131127MA07XJGT46
Total Revenue:5000000
Main Markets:Middle East,Emerging Markets,Europe,Oceania,Asia,Africa
Company Cetifications:ISO9001
Country/Region:Hengshui , Hebei , China

Whatsapp is 86-13833823105.

Hengshui Ming crown rubber and plastic products co., LTD.,
located in hengshui city, hebei province, is one of the largest base of domestic engineering rubber products here. Hengshui Ming crown rubber and plastic products co., LTD. Is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales for the integration of engineering rubber products co., LTD.,

the company geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. Ming crown rubber after years of development, has certain market position in the industry.

Company main products: pot rubber bearing, bearing plate rubber support, tension and compression, QZ ball bearings, rack bearings, rubber water stop, back check buried in the hose, rubber water stop, polyethylene foam rubber products, plastic core film and other engineering. Company has always been to high-quality products, reasonable price and timely after-sales service.