Year Established:2012/5/21
Business Type:Qingdao Baorun Steel Structure Engineering Co.,ltd.
Registration No:9137021359528091X5
Total Revenue:3000000
Main Markets:Africa,Americas,Asia,Emerging Markets,Europe,European Union,G20,Middle East,Oceania
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region:Qingdao , Shandong

Contact person:Shan lianyi
Phone: +86-532-66005022

China Qingdao baorun steel structure engineering co.,ltd. was founded in 1999,it is one professional steel structure construction company,which could undertake designing,fabrication and assembly ,after-sales service for various types of building steel structure ,such as industrial workshop and warehouse building steel structure,civil construction,heavy steel structure, stadium,shopping mall,High-rise buildings steel structure,Road bridge engineering steel structure.and ultility boiler steel structure,Offshore platform steel structure,mechnical steel frame structure.

DURING PAST DECADES OF YEARS,MANY CLIENTS IN DOMESTIC AND ABROAD ASKED US TO DO anticorrosion WORK FOR STEEL STRUCTURES,SO WE COOPORATED WITH shandong colleges and South Korea ENG Cporation,Developed and produced steel structure Penetrating luorosilicone polyester flexible ceramic base anticorrosive paint;Later we developed Other usage occasion of Fluorosilicone flexible ceramic base anticorrosive paint.
Recently we successfully developed a.Concrete anti-corrosion paint series,c.Ship&boat anti-corrosion paint series,d.Flue gas environmental protection anti-corrosion paint series,e.never spalling floor-terrace paint series,f.Wood anticorrosion system,g.Polyurethane foam insulation wall,waterproof insulation paint.