Year Established:2012
Business Type:
Registration No:
Total Revenue:10000
Main Markets:Americas,Africa
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region: , Shanghai

Shanghai XingZhou Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in development, production and sales of finishing chemicals in textile filed. We dedicate ourselves to the development and application of kinds of high valued functional auxiliaries. We now have made cooperation with Donghua University and accelerated the speed of product development relying on its strong software and hardware facilities.

Our products on finishing auxiliaries have high technology and specializing performance, focus on five series of products: light-resistant finishing agents, fastness improving agents, water/soil/stain-proofing agents, softening agents, and special functional auxiliaries. Experienced staff involving in textile chemicals for over 10 years. XZ Chemicals knows the supply situation in China and the overseas customers’ need clearly and exactly. The products are being exported to Asia, European and American areas.