Year Established:2009
Business Type:Rack roll forming machine, Highway guard rail roll forming machine, floor deck roll forming machine, box beam forming machine, cable tray machine, door industry machine, electronic cabinet roll forming machine
Registration No:91440300359755
Total Revenue:1000000
Main Markets:Asia,European Union
Company Cetifications:CE
Country/Region:Shenzhen , Guangdong

Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Shenzhen Superda Machine Co., Ltd ( is China roll forming machine manufacturer which professional in fabricating customized metal sheet forming line. Roll forming equipment for production storage rack, barrier fence, soloar PV support, cabinet frame, storage frame, duct profiles, draywall profiles, door industry, funiture hardward, building material, automotive, renewable energy, lighting, metal shelving etc.

Superda roll forming machine systems including

Construction material forming machine such as highway guardrail roll forming machine, roof panel roll forming machine, subway station panel roll forming machine, floor deck roll forming machine, drywall steel keel forming machine, stud and track profile roll forming machine, ceiling channel roll forming machine etc.

Metal frame roll forming machine for making rack shelf, solar bracket, logistic beam etc. If classified according to formed metal shape, there are C channel machine, CZ purlin machine, channel roll former, metal stud roll forming machine, door frame roll forming machine, rolling shutter door slat roll forming machine.

Electronic industry metal forming machine such as distribution enclosure forming machine, low voltage cabinet frame forming machine, box beam roll forming machine, cabinet frame upright roll forming machine, cable tray roll forming machine etc.