Year Established:2012
Business Type:Anqing Baojie Packaging Co.,Ltd
Registration No:913412220514583108
Total Revenue:6, 716, 418
Main Markets:Africa,Americas,Asia,Emerging Markets,Europe,European Union,Middle East,G20,Oceania
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region:Buyang , Anhui

Anhui Fullstar Fabric & Belt Co., Ltd, a fully family owned company, As a leading global developer and supplier of highly engineered products and services, the company continues to serve a multitude of industries:
Paper making fabrics, contain forming fabrics and dryer fabrics
Pulp board fabrics, contain PET fabrics and PA fabrics
Drum fabrics and disk filter bags
Nonwoven fabrics
Other process filtration, such as environment, food, minerals, chemicals

The company products comply with high quality standards, all process relating to work and production are satisfied with the system of ISO9001 and ISO14001. There are 200 employees creating values of products in the company, and the annual productivity is up to a combination of producing 300,000m2 of forming fabric, 600,000m2 of dryer fabric, 200,000m2 of the filter fabric.

The high quality standards have earned the appreciation and trust of many customer. Innovation products and technical solutions are integral part of company’s business philosophy, and we will keep constant excellence quality in the forefront.

Fullstar is dedicated to building long-term relationship with our customers, colleagues and communities.