Year Established:2008
Business Type:Trading Company
Registration No:91371602MA3M70T645
Total Revenue:5000
Main Markets:Europe,Asia,European Union,Americas
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region:Binzhou , Shandong

Yuanfeng Happyhome was established from year of 2009 in the midst of the beautiful fertile Yellow River Delta, surrounded by the cradleland of the Confucianism and Art of War.

Yuanfeng is a specialized company of household itesm. Such as storage baskets, stools, shelfs and racks, screens and other arts and crafts made by fabric, cat-tail, cotton rope, willow, PP strip, paper rope etc.

All the products are BSCI approved, we have excellent supply chain system. The products sold very well at Russia, Germany, Japan, Finland, Australia etc.