Year Established:1998
Business Type:Manufacturer
Registration No:
Total Revenue:9000000000
Main Markets:Americas
Company Cetifications:
Country/Region: , Shandong

Air Casters, air bearing casters, air bearing rigging systems, machinery mover skates
Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co., LTD:
We are Air Casters professional manufacturer with durable quality, export to more than 50 countries from the year of 1998. With CE, ISO9001, SGS approved factory.

Air Casters specializes applied in moving heavy loads with any shape and any loads, move heavy-duty loads with safer and easy. Air bearing casters power source is compressed air, with no spark and no pollute the environment.

Air Casters with four or six air modules Capacity from 10T to 60T. Can be customized as demand.
Air Casters also knew as air bearing casters, air movers, air rigging systems. Has four or six air modules.
If you want to get the air rigging systems operating manual instruction, the needed air pressure, the price list and more information, please kindly feel free contact us. Professional service hope will get your satisfaction.