Year Established:2010
Business Type:CNC Machinery parts
Registration No:
Total Revenue:10000,000
Main Markets:
Company Cetifications:ISO9001 ISO9003
Country/Region: , Fujian

Xiamen SeitzWright Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Jimei District Xiamen City, which specialize in the production and processing of non-standard machinery parts. All kinds of metal of lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, thread cutting and other services could be provided.

Our factory has established good relationships with a group of outstanding external suppliers of mechanical finishing, raw material sourcing, heat treatment, electroplating, etc. Customers can perform material processing or fully authorize our company to process according to their needs. And additional necessary equipment according to customer's needs could be acquired.

"Reputation First, Quality First" is our principle, we sincerely do our best to supply our customers high quality products, complete service and timely delivery.

If any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time