Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine

  • FOB Price : USD $2,000.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

Hydraulic oil is widely used in industrial machinery today, the contaminated oil will reduce working efficiency of equipment and damage the components of machinery, so we should use hydraulic oil recycling filter machine to keep the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. Generally, the contaminants in hydraulic are water, gas and mechanical impurities, our LVP hydraulic oil recycling filter machine adopts coalescing filter elements and vacuum system to remove water and gas, meanwhile, the hydraulic oil recycling filter machine also equips micro filter elements to remove mechanical solids.


1. Remove particulate down to ISO 15/13/10

2. Three stages filters includes pre-filter, second filter and fine filter

3. Hydraulic oil purifier adopts digital temperature controlling system

4. Simple and reliable operation, no maintenance cost.

5. LVP hydraulic oil recycling filter machine also can be used in an outdoor environment.


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