“Product+Experience”—Giant Food Machinery will Show You the Charm of Making Coffee and Pizza

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Talking about western diet culture, there are two kinds of representative foods that have to be mentioned: coffee and pizza. With the increasing development of the economy, more and more Cafes and western restaurants are walking into people’s life. Tasting a cup of mellow coffee and a piece of delicious pizza, you can enjoy a leisurely and cozy afternoon. It is said that choosing the right cookware is of great importance besides fresh ingredient when making tasty food.

In the culture of fast food, how to keep every food healthy, delicious and safe has become the standard that most restaurant may consider. Guangzhou Giant Food Machinery Company Limited is outstanding among lots of bakery machines. It is an agent that manufactures and launches many popular equipment of coffee and pizza. It is also the agent of Kitsilano coffee machine and Giant Food pizza equipment.

Guangzhou Giant Food Machinery Company Limited is one of the enterprises that Polytruth Enterprises Limited invested in Chinese Mainland, which is the first factory to manufacture meat-cutting machine. It established the brand of “Giant Machinery”, started and developed the domestic slicing machine market of food machinery industry, becoming a professional manufacturer of pizza equipment.

What’s more, depending on its reliable credit, abundant technical force and strict quality-control system, it was accredited by Polytruth Enterprises Ltd. and Kitsilano Limited to manufacture the coffee machine and related products of the brand called Kitsilano.

In the same time, Giant Food also launches the pattern of “Product+Experience” and develops the training courses of coffee and pizza. Chen Zhiqiang, General Manager of Giant Food gives lessons as a tutor to the fans of pizza, start-up people and employees in the industry with the advanced equipment they manufacture. It is said that there will be an opportunities that excellent students can be sent to Italy, the United States and Hong Kong for further training. This innovative pattern of Giant Food absolutely attracts a lot of young people to apply for the courses, gaining a high reputation from the industry.

Giant Food provides the best products and service for its customers as always with their concept of “serve China with international quality”. In addition, it make use of all kinds of promotion patterns to meet the market’s demand. It participates in HOSFAIR held in September every year and launches a great deal of excellent products. From pizza slicer to pizza oven, noodle press and cheese grinder etc, as well as various coffee equipment, Giant Food is getting more influential. The Coffee Pizza DIY Activity has been held in the fair for several years, which is popular among visitors.

Giant Food will display visitors a wonderful show of pizza and coffee with an area of 81 sqm in the 14th Guangdong International Hospitality Supplies Fair on September 8th-10th this year. Let’s apply to visit the show!

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