CNC tube sheet drilling Machine

  • Place of Origin:Jinan, China
CNC tube sheet drilling Machine


Name of parameter Item Value

Max. distance between hole centers Length × width 4000×4000mm

Max. thickness of workpiece 250mm

Worktable Width of T-slot 28mm

Vertical ram type drilling head Quantity 2

Morse Taper BT50

Max .drilling diameter. (Normal carbon steel) φ40mm(Carbide drill head) φ50mm(High-speed steel twist drilling head

Drill depth/drill diameter ≤5(Carbide drill head )

Rotation speed of spindle 30—4500r/min

Max. tapping diameter M39

Motor power of spindle 2×22/33kW

Max. torque of spindle (n≤ 250r/min) 840Nm

Distance between bottom surface of spindle and worktable 280-780mm

Longitudinal movement of gantry (X axis) Max. stroke 4000mm

Movement speed of X axis 0-8m/min

Servo motor power of X axis /torque 2×3kW/28.4Nm


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