GL-08A High Power Outdoor Led highbay light 100w

  • FOB Price : USD $67.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Main parameters Units Value
Power w 100
Rated voltage V 220( voltage range 85-265V)
Luminous flux lm 10000
Protection against ingress / IP65
Anti-corrosion / WF2
LED chip knot temperature ° ≤85°
Life time h 50000
Power factor % 95
Dimensions mm Main Body: 253
25º Aluminum reflector: 129.08*ø354.42

60ºAluminum reflector: 106.5*ø270.43

100ºAluminum reflector:75.18*ø360.56

Weight kg 3.98
Mounting method / Hitch mounting/overhead trolley mounting

Product features:

1. IP65, anti-corrosion WF2; be processed by anodic oxidation, corrosion resistant against rust and heat.

2. Imported LED chip, LED light efficiency can reach 100-130lm/w, saving more than 60% energy in comparison to metal halide lamps.

3. Pure aluminum reflector has been processed by rotary press modeling, polishing and anodic oxidation, it never changes color and has high light reflection. The light casting angle is optional among 25°, 60°, 100°.

4. Fin radiator for heat radiation.

  • Be consisted of many pieces of 1070 aluminum fins which are assembled together by “snapping fin” method;
  • Making the great power LED radiator lighter, firmer but better in radiation performance;
  • Passing the heat from the light source to the fins with excellent heat conductivity to rapidly decrease the light source’s temperature;
  • Extending the light source’s life time and decreasing the light’s attenuation.

5. Module-style fitting design, more convenient and faster in maintenance.

Photos of dimensions:


Pictures of optional angle:

angle is optional


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