Palisade Pales

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Palisade pale is the most important component of palisade fence, so the quality of palisade pales decides the quality of palisade fence

Pale Section

Palisade pales usually have three types of vertical pales: D section pales, W section pales and angle section pales, each of them has different characters, so you can choose the most suitable one for application.


PPA-1: Palisade pale section has three types, they play different roles in different environments.
  • Angel section pales can be bolted or welded to the horizontal fence rails. It can be used for general purposes, like residence and courtyard boundary.
  • D section pales, fixed with the rails with long bolts, can be used for low to medium security and anti-damage.
  • W section pales are the most popular type to provide highest security for private or public property, which has higher strength and good stability.

Pale Head

Pale head can be the most destructive section of the palisade pales, the head type of the palisade pale decide the safety index of the fence. We produce many kinds of types, you can choose the most suitable one according to your need.


PPA-2: The head type of W & D section pales is various, they can adapt to different application.

PPA-3: Angle section pales with different head types can be used in different sites for security.
Specification of palisade fence pales
Materials Low carbon steel, mild steel, hot or cold rolled steel, stainless steel
Surface treatment PVC coated, hot-dipped galvanized or electric galvanized, powder coated
Pale head One pointed, triple pointed, rounded, rounded & notched, square
Pale section W section pales, D section pales, angle section pales
Height 1.2 m - 3.6 m or as your need
Width W & D section pales: 42 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm
Angle size 25 × 25 mm, 30 × 30 mm, 40 × 40 mm
Thickness W section pales: 2 mm - 3 mm; D section pales: 2.5 mm - 4.0 mm; angle section pales: 3 - 5 mm


We also provide separated palisade fence pales, you can choose metal pallet, wooden pallet or other packing ways.


PPA-5: The pales bundled together and then packaged with plastic film and metal pallet.

PPA-6: The palisade pales can be packaged with plastic film.

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