Oxaloacetic acid(OAA)/328-42-7

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English name:Oxaloacetic acid

Other name:

OAA,Oxobutanedioic acid,Oxalacetic acid,benaGene,Ketosuccinic acid

2-Oxosuccinic acid,Ketosuccinic acid,Oxaloacetate,3-carboxy-3-oxopropanoic acid

CAS No.:328-42-7

Molecular Formula:C4H4O5

Molecular Weight:132.1


Appearance:White crystalline powder

Applications:Dietary supplements, medicines, skincare cosmetics

CimaOxaloacetic acid(OAA)

Oxaloacetic acid,there are four ways to generation:

Generated by phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP)

Generated by Malic acid

Generated by Pyruvic acid

Generated by Aspartic acid

CimaOxaloacetic acid, is generated by Aspartic acid through enzymatic catalytic under controlled temperature.It has the following typical characteristics:

1.Thermal stability,safety to ship

2.Enzymatic produce,high specificity

3.Mass manufacturing,supply stable

4.Reasonable price,professional services

Functions ofOxaloacetic acid

Life extension&Anti-aging

Blood Sugar Regulation

Anti-cancer & Anti-tumor

Protect brain health

Improving sleeping &energy

Maintenance weight

Where to buy Oxaloacetic acid?

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