Electrostatic powder coating line spray booth oven

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Function of electrostatic powder coating line spray booth oven

The spray booth has the paper filter typically placed in front of the operator, with the product between the operator and the filter. The filter will stop the majority of paint particles from getting into the exhaust. The filter is easily exchanged as it sits in an open frame.

The fan can either be placed directly on the top of the booth or mounted externally.

Function of Filter booth - Box filter

The spray booth has a wall of filters build from separate filter boxes. Each filter unit (500x500 mm) is placed in its own frame. This system is often used when a large amount of paint is used at a concentrated area. The advantage of this system is that each unit takes almost 25 kg of paint and can be exchanged individually, meaning you do not need to change all the filter, just the full part.

The fan can either be placed directly on the top of the booth or mounted externally.


The products or parts can either be placed in the booth manually or led automatically by a conveyor line. Also rotation of the products in front of the booth is possible.

Make up air systems

If the spray booth is constructed in a closed version with extension, it can be equipped with a unit for treatment of the substitution air. By this the temperature and the air humidity can be kept constant and ensure a high quality of the spray result, and better environment for the operators.

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