4in1 Remote Control Decoder Fixed Frequency Remote Detector

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4in1 Remote Control Decoder is 315MHZ, 330MHZ, 430MHZ, 433MHZ Fixed frequency. Fixed Frequency Remote Detector used for Car remote control, garage door. Wireless Remote control Detector is Car key remote control.

4in1 Remote Control Decoder Fixed Frequency Remote Detector

4 in 1 Wireless Remote control Detector key remote control duplicator

315MHZ 330MHZ 430MHZ 433MHZ Wireless Remote control Detector and duplicator

4 in 1 Remote control decoder Application

1. 4 in 1 Remote control decoder for 4 fixed frequency 315MHZ, 330MHZ, 430MHZ, 433MHZ.
2. 4 fixed frequency Remote control decoder is LCD shows, Operate simply, visual and strong sensibility, which can achieve the acception in remote.
3. Various kinds of remote control (Car remote control, garage door. Home alarm series remote control etc ) Decoded within 0.1 seconds.


Various kinds of remote control (Car remote control, garage door. Home alarm series remote control etc ) Decoded within 0.1 seconds. Through A, B, C, D key to control like the original remote control.

Feature 1:

Signal receiving instruction:

Power on - Auto display the existed location at bottom right after receive the signal—press B key(query code)—Press S key(Lock)—Press A B C D any key that can emit the current data. Generally A is close, B is Open, C is mute, D is Car locating
If receive the learn signal of CL-2, opening key is B or A+B (Press A, B simultaneously),
Mute is C or C+D (Press C, D simultaneously). (Note: After press the S key, A、B、C、D key are the emit key of remote control data this moment, if main engine respond but no opening key, Just Press A、B、C、D any two key or three key simultaneously .

Feature 2:

Data storage(01-35) select emit operation Introduction. (which can store 35 remote control code). Power on—Press C key(After selected the needed emit data)—Press S key(Lock)—Press A、B、C、D any key to emit.

Feature 3:

Delete storage code instruction
1)Delete all: Power on —Press C key—Press D key—Press C key(four times)—Press D key (Twice) All storage code can be deleted.

2)Delete in turn: Power on —Press C key(Choose the code needed delete)—Press D key—Press C key(three times)—Press D key(Twice).Selected code can be deleted.

Feature 4:

Interference function instruction: (disturbance range 30 meters, Effective for 315MHZ,433MHZ two kinds of emission frequency).
Power on ——Press D key——Press C key(Twice) ——Press D key(Twice)

Feature 5: Display chip code shows:

1) Showing on machine “CL-1”said remote control chip is fixed code emit, PT2262/2260 series.
2) Showing on machine “AX5326”said AX5326/VD5026 four state codes.
3) Showing on machine “CL-2”said PT2282、eV1527、PT2240、RT1527、FP527 learning code.
4) Showing on machine “SMC926,SMC918, that is PLC series Burglar Alarm.
5) Showing on machine “HCS301”said the signal received is Rolling code chip.( emission part)
6) The four data on top right corner of machine shows the period of shock resistance.
7) The two data on bottom right corner of machine shows 35 set of storage code No.
8)The top left cornern of machine shows the emission frequency of this sets of data.

Feature 6: Battery charging, Looking the indicator lamp of the charger, Red light said is charging, green light said the charging is complete.

Wireless remote control decoder Package

1pc x Wireless remote control decoder main unit
1pc x the power adapter

Friendly remark:This wireless Remote control Detector & Duplicator is only for testing and study, Otherwise accept the consequences by yourself if violate the state laws in your country. just sell to Car repair service shop, Garage, workshop, it is also the Car locksmith tool

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