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Description of CNC flame cutting machine:

The CNC flame cutting machine adopts gantry structure, is expected for the CNC equipment for sheet metal discharging. We can achieve to cut a variety of metal materials under any graphic material .Notched surface after cutting under normal circumstances do not need to surface processing.With a high degree of automation, easy to use, high accuracy, high reliability, operation, maintenance is very simple, it is widely applicable to a variety of mechanical manufacturing for cutting sheet metal waste

Characteristics of CNC flame cutting machine:
*Easily realize different shapes cutting.
*Gantry frame structure, system rigidity and high driving accuracy
*With two CNC flame cutting torches and nine strip cutting torches.
*With economical and practical CNC functions.
*Servo motor,reducer,decompression valve, gas pipe and solenoid valve, cutting torches are all international famous brand.

Technical parameter of CNC flame cutting machine:

Project BYC-3000 BYC-4000 BYC-5000 BYC-6000 BYC-8000
gauge(mm) 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000
Effective cutting width(mm) 2500 3500 4500 5500 7500
Machine width(mm) 3500 4500 5500 6500 8500
Number of standard cutting torch(set) 1 2 2 2 2
Track length(m) 4、6、8、10、12……Track: 2 m / section, can select optional track length
Cutting torch travel(mm) 200
Cutting thickness Flame cutting:5 - 200 mm plasma cutting :1 - 50 mm (according to the power)
Cutting speed Flame cutting :0 - 1000 mm/min plasma cutting:0 - 5000 mm/min
Air-way speed 0 - 6000 mm/min
power AC220 V/ 380 V 50HZ
Machine drive motor power 800 W/ 2500W
Cutting mode Flame cutting:Oxygen + acetylene, propane plasma:Compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.
Drive mode Bilateral drive
system Shanghai Jiaotong system or Beijing Si Date
Running accuracy ±0.2mm/m

Application of CNC flame cutting machine:

apply for all kinds of cast iron, steel and other metal materials cutting.

Company information:

Shandong Blore Electromechanial Technology.CO.LTD is located in Mingshui economic development Zone,Zhangqiu city,which is famous for the water spring--namely \"The water spring city\".The company is a high-tech enterprises,which specialized in automatic equipment development,production ,sales,with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

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