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Hinged spiral nail stop collar rigid centralizer:
1. Hold centralizer or cement baskets on any position of casing, which ensures the positions of centralizers or cement basket to meet the design.
2. The stop collars are available in three types: Knock on type, Spiral Nail Type and Set Screw Type.
3. Stop collars can be installed on any position on casing to limit the axial movement of centralizers and cement baskets.


Install and use method:

a. When use mobile screw type stop collar, slip over the casing, tighten the screws using wrench.

b. When use fixed screw stop collar, put the collar around the casing, insert the screw, and knock into screws by hammer.

c. when install buckle type stop collar, buckle the stop collar onto the casing, lock with pin, knock into the screws.

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