Casting Engineer Machinery Parts

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Our company is leading manufacturer of all kinds of precision casting of carbon steel and alloy steel, sand casting, and low-alloy quenched and tempered high strength castings. Main products have automobile and trailer suspension parts, engineer machinery parts and various casting truck trailer parts according to customer\'s drawings.

Standard: International standard, Chinese standard, American standard, Germany standard, Japanese standard, British standard.

Material: steel casting for general engineer use, high strength steel casting for general engineering & structure use, steel casting for welding structure use,Medium & low alloy, high strength steel casting, stainless & heatproof steel casting, abrasive steel casting.

Technical parameter of investment casting
Cast accuracy: 1T 10-11T13 CT5-CT7
Least thickness of casting wall:1.5mm
Least casting aperture:4mm
Casting weight: 0.15-150kg
Surface roughness of cast: Ra25-Ra12.5

Machining parameter:
Machining accuracy: 1T3-1T9
Surface roughness: Ra0.8-Ra6.3

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