Driving Disc Plow

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Introduction ofDriving Disc Plows
Driving Disc Plow has seen its emergence and improvement since the 1980s. It combines both the advantages of disc harrow and driving tools,which is good for saving energy, strengthening tractor’s power performance, guaranteeing perfect cultivation condition and satisfying various agricultural requirements.
Amisy series driving dis plow is born on such basis. It takes three-point suspension and side mounted gear structure, which can be matched with 15-150 horsepower tractor. It is suitable for paddy, high yielding, green manure, grassy and upland field. Compared with traction-type tillage machine, it has good performance in walking on wetland, good climbing obstacle capability, low cost, etc.

Advantages of Driving Disc Plows
1.Compared with other kinds ofdisc plows

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