One Way Disc Plough

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Introduction ofOne-way Disc Plough
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Features of Standard One Way Disc Plow
1.Compared with other kinds, it only can work on one side without changing its own direction.
2.It has strong ability to crack and fill earth. After harrowing, the surface is flattening and soil is raveling.
3.It is of small traction and low oil consumption, which can completely satisfy modern agricultural requirements.
4.Its turning radius is small and easy to maintain, which will bring good user experience.

Working Principle of One Way Disc Plough
When this plow is working, the discs roll forward under the action of counter-force from earth and open the soil with its cutting edge. The soil block gradually becomes loose an broken in the moving process along the concave side of these discs and is turned into furrow finally. Every disc is equipped with soil scrapper, which keeps the concave side clean and makes soil block move in the right direction. Besides, it has a special tail wheel whose function is to undertake the lateral reaction of soil to these discs and ensure the plow’s stability in the working process.

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