Hot hard ice cream machine,electric ice cream maker machine with many flavor

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ice, a rage fashion cold food in contemporary. The production of simple, practical and inexpensive, and can be freely modulated according to different tastes, combined with a variety of fruits, candied fruit or sugary liquid into ice frying machine fried ice moving within tens of seconds, instant mashed fried ice Serve snow, made color, flavor excellent cold dish. Ice extent we can control, and its wide adaptation, interesting, processed foods taste good, less any beverage machines, produced by fried ice series of food color and diverse, nutritious, taste great, refreshing cool , blood fluid, will replace the traditional cold food and cold drinks, lead the trend of the new century, occupying a modern cold drink market! It is the best modern novel cold equipment.


Voltage: 220/50HZ,110V/60HZ

Power: 300W

Output: 12L/H

Weight: 30KG

Size: 440*420*380mm

Material: stainless steel


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Prouduct name: hard ice cream making machine

electric ice cream machine

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