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1,This machine can produce potato chips and potato slice by change cutting blade. And the thickness of slice and potato chips is adjustable.
2,The fryer of this line,it can be designed to be Electricity Heating,Gas Heating,Gas and Electricity Heating according to your demand.
3,For Blanching Machine,it also can be made to be Electricity Heating,Gas Heating,Gas and Electricity Heating according to clients’ demand.
4, All machines are made of Stainless Steel.
5,Machines are with motor of 380V,50HZ Three-phase. If clients need other electric system,we also can customize it.

Introduction of Small Scale Frozen French Fries Line:
This frozen French fries line is your economic choice for frozen French fries processing. It keeps the advantages of the previous production line machine and is designed according to the feedbacks from customers. Low cost,low energy-exhausting,multifunction,small dimension,high profit,and easy-repairing are its best features.

This production line is special for making frozen French fries in small scale. 100kg/h,200kg/h and 400kg/h,three capacity model for your choice.
Processing Steps of Small Scale Frozen French Fries Line
1.The first step is potato washing and peeling. Emery lining cleaning & peeling machine or brush type cleaning peeling machine,both of them could finish cleaning and peeling one time,high efficiency and low cost.
2.Potato cutting. You could cut potato into both slice and bar shape; besides,the thickness and size of them could be adjusted totally as your preference.
3.Thirdly,put the potatoes chips or strips into blanching machine for washing,making them look more attractive.
4.The following step is de-watering in order to save the time of frying and make the products more delicious.
5.Then Fry the potato chips in the water-oil frying machine: This increases greatly the oil\'s using cycle,saving lots of cost. What\'s more,the exact oil temperature guarantees the good quality and taste of potato chips.
6. De-oiling machine: reduce the oil content of potato chips,make them more delicious.
7. Freezing machine: made of stainless steel,could make freezing in short time.

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