Compound Potato Chips Production Line 500kg|Compound Potato Chips Making Machine|potato chips making machine for sale

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China

This compound potato chips production line is using potato flakes and wheat flour main material to produce compound potato chips.

1,Working Process:
Mixing Raw Material----Calender----Forming---Air Drying---Fryer Machine---Vibration Oil Removal Machine----Air Drying Deoiling Machine--Flavoring Machine
2,For this machine,the finished size and shape can be designed according to the mould on the forming machine. One set of mould roller can produce one size. If you need different shape and different size,we can customize the mould for you.
3,Machines are made of Stainless Steel 304.
4,For the Calender Group,general,it is with three sets of rolling roller.
5,For Fryer Machine,it is continuous type and will take about 1-3 minutes to fry this kind of compound potato chips.
6,for Flavoring Machine,it is with 10r/min,working speed is adjustable. It is special with spice adding motor to control,and also can adjust the machine to control the amount of spice.

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