Fuzhou Siaon Optoelectronic provide Dual Wavelength Waveplates

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FuzhouSiaon OptoelectronicprovideDual Wavelength Waveplates

Fuzhou Siaon Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. provideDual Wavelength Waveplates

Dual wavelength waveplate is a multiple waveplate that provide a specitfic retardance at two different wavelengths, it\'s particularly useful when used in conjunction with other polarization sensitive components to separate coaxial laser beams of different wavelength.


Dimension Tolerance:+0.0, -0.1mm

Clear Aperture: >90%

Wavefront Distortion: λ/8@632.8nm

Surface Quality: 20-10

Parallelism:< 1 arc sec

Retardation Tolerance:λ/300

AR Coating:R<0.2%@Wavelength

Mount:Black Anodized Aluminum

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