Palisade Fencing Steel Angle Pale

  • FOB Price : USD $500.00 / Piece
  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:china

Palisade Fencing Steel Angle Pale as Security Perimeter Fencing

With the development of security fencing, palisade security fencing is increasingly used as perimeter fencing, boundary fencing and residential fencing. Its sharp point and strength satisfies a lot of clients. Apart from corrugated pale like W & D section

Steel angle palisade pale can be designed with many types of head styles including standard angle pales as the images in the following table and unique ones which are used in South Africa.

Palisade fencing angle pale description:

  • Item: palisade fencing angle pale.
  • Standard: EN BS 1722-12:1990.
  • Material: hot-rolled angle steel with punched holes for bolts.
  • Surface treatment: galvanised or powder coated.
  • Angle pale dimension: 40 × 40 × 5mm.
  • Height: 1.50m, 1.80m, 2.10m, 2.40m.
  • Head types: one-pointed, double pointed, triple pointed, triple pointed & sprayed, 7-spikes.
Double pointed
Triple pointed
Triple pointed & sprayed
Angle steel palisade fencing for the houses.
Angle steel palisade fencing with 7 spikes.
White powder coated steel palisade fencing for a commercial site.

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