SKALN Food Grade Processing and Cosmetics Production White Oil

  • Minimum order:1
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

SKALN series of high-grade food grade white oil, is widely used in food, cosmetics and medicine, packaging and other industries.

In the field of food processing: can be used as a grinder, bread plate release agent, can also be used for dough dividers, knives, cutting machines, meat packaging Taiwan, the case board, plates and hooks and other food machinery lubrication and rust corrosion. It can prolong the shelf life of the product by prolonging the storage period of wine, vinegar, fruit, vegetable, canned, egg and so on. It can be used for food polishing, anti-sticking, mold release, defoaming, sealing, polishing and preservation. This series of products can also be used in the field of edible oil processing, pet food and supplies, animal feed production and processing.


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