Sintered Metal Filter Disc

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Sintered Filter Disc with Accurate Filter Rating and Long Lifespan
This is one sintered filter disc, and the top layer is dutch weave wire mesh.
Being energetic and market-oriented, Walcoom Corp. has always been addressing the changing filtering demands of customers.

Sintered metal filter disc is multi-layer composite of sintered wire mesh and/or sintered fiber felt. These media composites are diffusion-bonded for high-pressure polymer filtration applications. Most discs are custom designed to suit different filtration needs. Sintered metal filter disc can be cleaned by multiple ways thus be reused for years which makes it highly cost effective as to compared to traditional filters.

High filtration accuracy.
High strength, good abrasion resistance.
Continuous use in temperature ranging from -200 °C to +600 °C, even in the acid and alkali conditions.
Can be reused for long service life, especially suitable for continuous and automated operation process
Can be cleaned by various ways—backstream, filtration liquid, ultrasonic, dissolution and baking.
Materialstainless steel 304, 316, 316L, FeCrAl, other alloys are customized.Micron rating2–300 μm.Disc diameter10–3000 mm, and we offer customized sizes.Thicknessmade to order.
Stainless steel sintered metal filter disc is widely used for filtration of polymer film, fiber, corrosive liquid, gases, catalyst recovery, steam processing and gas-liquid sparging in industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, metallurgic, food and beverage, etc.

In chemical fiber production of petrochemical industry, sintered metal filter disc is the key part of filtration in polypropylene and other high viscosity polymer extrusion

Medical industry: filtration of antibiotics, vitamins and pharmaceutical products in sterile rooms.

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