Factory Direct chinese style Ancient Antique light/lamp production

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Factory Direct chinese style Ancient Antique light/lamp production
Antique lamp is the most prominent memory of the road lamp. Design will be the history of antique lamp memory and modern elements of fashion integration, to retain the city memory, heritage of historical civilization. Antique lights are the following: lantern lights, magnolia lights, Chinese lights and so on

We are delighted to provide you with luxurious lighting engineering services. Yangzhou Guoguang Lighting Group Co., Ltd. is located in the northern suburbs of the ancient city of Yangzhou which has convenient transportation, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

Our company was founded in 1987. After 20 years of effort, our products are sold all over China. The company possesses fixed assets of more than 30 million, covers an area of 26,664 m2, has a galaxy of talents, equipped with the advanced lighting equipment, telecommunications equipment complete manufacturing technology and production equipment of power pole, as well as large and medium-sized machines including steel bar bending machine, sewing machine, middle-to-East submerged arc welding machine, grinder, straightening machine and automatic roll-cutting machine. Our company has a whole line of production capability to provide users with various types of inexpensive light pole, power pole, high-pole lamp, LED street light, garden light, landscape light, communications equipment, retractable door and cable manufacturing, which brings about an annual production value of nearly 35,000 sets. All our customers are all satisfied and assured by out excellent quality and prompt installation services.




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