Three Casting Block Shroud Mono Block Stopper Submerged Entry Nozzle Tundish Refractories

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Ladle shroud is the refractory to connect ladle to tundish. It stabilizes steel stream and protect the steel from oxidation and splashing. The series of ladle shrouds feature superior thermal slag erosion resistance, wear resistance and thermal shock resistance. They are easy to be installed and do not need pre heating. The series of Stopper rods include alumina-carbon type and magnesia-carbon type to suit for different casting conditions. A broad range of designs for Stopper rods tips suit for bloom caster, billet caster, rectangular billet caster, round billet caster, slab caster and thin slab caster. Stopper features good resistance to erosion and corrosion, steadily flow-control and tight closure. Excellent slag resistance, anti-clogging, long service life and low accident rate.


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