Onion Rings Deoiling Machine

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  • Place of Origin:China
Introduction of Onion Rings Deoiling Machine
1.Stainless steel centrifugal barrel and recycling bins device
2.The emergency braking device
3.Deceleration and gear
4.Inverter control devices
5.Stable stand
Application of Onion Rings Deoiling Machine:
This onion rings deoiling eqiupment can be used to deoiling onion slice,French fries,banana chips,onion slice,carrot slice and other root vegetables slice.
Advantages of Onion Rings Deoiling Machine:
1.The digital automatic controllers make the operation easy and simple.
2.Centrifugal principle guarantees the maximum dewatering degree.
3.Electromagnetic braking ensures safe and energy saving working condition.
4.The low working noise and low end products damage rate.
5.Reliable processing performance, large capacity, and low energy dissipation.
6.Multifunctional usage. This machine can be used to dewater banana chips, onion slice, carrot slice and other root vegetables slice.

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