Continuous Banana Chips Fryer Machine

  • Temperature:0-300℃
  • Capacity:100-300
  • Dimension:3500*800*2400mm
  • Heating:Electric/Gas
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Model:GG-3000
  • Minimum order:1
Description of Continuous Banana Chips Fryer Machine
1.Thiscontinuous banana chips frying machine
2.This banana chips fryer adopts the newest and advanced technology, it can saving 50% energy, 40% oil and gas than common fryer.
3.This fryer machine adopts water-oil separator which can keep the oil clean and continuous working. The oil and water temperature can be controlled automatically
4.This continuous frying machine can fry all kinds of foods without the Taint of odor. No oil smoke, this can ensure the health of the operator.
5.This fryer machine is with characteristics of controlling the temperature automatically, even heating, can keep stable temperature and the nutrition of frying foods. Easy operation, one person can operate it.
6.This frying machine is made of 304 stainless steel materials, with long service life and can reach the hygiene standard.
Advantage of Banana Chips Fryer Machine
1.Fully automatic
2.Widely used in all kinds of food frying
3.Electric, gas, oil, coal heating type
4.Adopt oil circulating, ensure the temperature steady.
5.Automatic filtration system, clean oil sediment anytime, always guarantees oil clean, frying perfect.
6.Start up automatic rising system, convenient to clean and maintain.
7.Large output, low power consumption, saving cost.
Application of Continuous Banana Chips Frying Machine
This continuous banana chips frying equipment applies to frying inflating snack food, flour made food and meat etc. It is suitable for frying banana chips,green peas, broad beans, French fries, potato chips, etc.

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