Chain Driven Rod Metal Conveyor Belt

  • Minimum order:1
Material: AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L
Application: Used in sintering, bazing, pharmacy, drying, chemical, glass industry, electric.
Weaving method: conventional weave, balanced weave, double balanced weave, rod reinforced,duplex weave.
Features:High resistance to corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature and other properties.

Chain driven conveyor belt is a mesh belt conveyors are mainly used for heavy transmissions. For example, transferring products through tempering or cooling ovens or when hot products are handled and conveyed. The chain belts are usually made from either steel or stainless steel with varying degrees of weave and pitch position.

This chain belt use chain drive rod for large and heavy transmission. It has smooth movement and powerful mesh surface, capable of conveying large and heavy stuff. The chain driven structure allows light force of the surface, protect the wire mesh and gives a long service life.

Common specifications are 700mm, 800mm wide, but can also be manufactured according to customer demand.
The mesh belt usually has a special treatment to the surface, oil, pickling or electrolytic polishing.

It is widely used in glass industry, mesh belt furnace, decorating furnace mesh belt. Food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, frozen food before processing, machine belt, chain mesh, powder metallurgy, metal heat treatment, hardening, sintering, brazing, baking, bright, black, bearings, carburizing furnace mesh belt, gear plate mesh belt, coating drying line conveyor belt, foam production line belt reduction, washing machines, elevators, drying machine, dryer,furnace mesh belt.

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