stable dimension 100% monitoring formed wire mesh disc for filter elements

Formed filters are used as semi-finished products in the production of complete filter inserts or filter elements.
Formed filters from Shengfa are produced as punched or formed parts. The production technology is always matched to the respective metal mesh being used. Thermal pre-treatment of the fabric guarantees the necessary dimensional stability and process ability without changing the pore size. Pre-cleaning and, if necessary, post-cleaning of fabrics and components allows the components to be produced in the requisite cleanliness classes. In many cases, formed filters are produced in large series for the automotive industry. With such high quantities, production is performed on the basis of partially and fully automated production lines. 100% component monitoring is always an integral part of these production lines.
Technical details and services
•Punching, forming, embossing and welding technology
•Pre-treatment based on the fabric and component
•High part cleanliness of parts in compliance with automotive standards
•100% component monitoring
•Partially and fully automated production lines

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